Privacy Policy

How we use and protect your personal details

We don't like people invading our privacy, so we'll always ensure that your privacy also remains just that, private. All personal information which you submit to us either via our website, via email, over the phone or by regular post will be protected by us to the fullest extent possible. We will never attempt to sell your information on to a third party or disclose it to anyone without valid need, and in the rare occasion that we should ever need to pass your details on to anyone (for example, law agencies or the police if requested), we will always attempt to contact you first.

We collect personal information about you and your services with us for our own records, and to provide an effective and reliable service to you. Some of the ways in which we will use your personal information are as follows:

To contact you regarding any of the services you have with us, either to alert you to changes with these services, downtime notifications, renewal reminders and any suspension or cancellation notifications where applicable;

To identify you on our Customer Centre;

To contact you from time to time via email regarding new products and services, changes to existing products and services or any other changes we deem to be important;

To list your details (including full name, postal address, and email address) in the publically-accessible WHOIS database when you register or transfer a domain name through us, unless you opt-out of this, which may come with an additional yearly fee.

If you have any further queries regarding the information we store about you and your services, or if you would like a report on the information we're currently holding on your customer account, please email us at and we'll be happy to provide this free of charge.